Infinity Farm

Infinity Farm in Baco Oriental Mindoro is one of the best tourist spots in Puerto Galera. The great thing about this amazing tourist destination is that it’s not too far away from the Infinity Resort Puerto Galera.

This awesome location is a series of waterfalls in a condensed relaxing atmosphere which is great for relaxing and having a nice meal with friends and family all while enjoying the serene sounds of rushing water and surrounding nature. 

As you walk along the river or relax in a nice spot you’ve found, you will find the background noise of the water cascading down the stream is both relaxing and refreshing from city life. There are also several locations along the river going up or downstream where you can find some really nice areas perfect for a mid-day snack or meal with your group. Travel upstream and you will find the water rapids begin to increase in speed and really make for a fun adventure up the mountain.