The waters around Puerto Galera teems with exotic and colorful marine life and coral gardens. The variety of species found here outnumbers those of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a year-round diving destination for experienced divers as well as beginners. With over 30 dive sites all known for their marvelous marine environment and superb visibility which is only 10-15 minutes away from the dive centers, Puerto Galera truly is a divers’ paradise.

A number of Asia’s finest dive shops in the area offer basic and advanced courses fully guided by competent instructors for reasonable fees. Almost all of the dive shops operate under the PADI. systems and regulations which are both internationally recognized. Diving instructions, usually in English, can be delivered in German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or French by some diving schools.

With over 2 dozens of divesite to choose from and different level of dives from beginner to Professional level. All this divesite is just 15minutes or less travel time from dive centers.

Dive Sites

World-class diving is also accessible from the resort with several five star-rated dive sites within reach. Hibo Reef is literally three minutes away from the resorts beachfront. Advanced divers will appreciate its current-swept reef top filled with basket sponges and humungous fan corals. At the drop-offs, sharks, schools of snappers, batfish and a myriad other species inhabit the depths.

The Infinity Resort & Spa front desk can also arrange for a dive instructor to take non-divers on a “Discovery Fun Dive” to see what lies beneath.

A diving site, aptly called the Desert is just five minutes away. Who would think that the barren, desert like terrain right across the bustling bars and restaurants along white beach, is home to brightly colored shrimp, miniature frogfishes and even a sea-horse or two?

Fifteen minutes away is Clam City where dozens of giant clams reside amid the watchful eyes of a caretaker. Surrounded by coral bommies, the white sandy bottom and shallow depth make it the perfect destination for beginners and experienced divers alike.

Dive safaris are also offered at the Canyons, Hole-in-the-Wall and Verde Island. These dive destinations are along the Verde Island Passage, which has been called the “center of the center of marine bio-diversity” after a 10-year-study by marine biologists. Simply put, it means that the waters host the most number of fish and coral species per square kilometer of any place on earth.

Infinity Resort & Spa offers endless activities on the water. It has teamed up with Marco Vincent Dive Center to accommodate beginners to experienced dive pros with state of the art scuba dive boats and the personalized services of professional dive team comprised of certified PADI dive masters and well trained crew.

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